Reviews for Kate Winstanley Acupuncture London

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After just one session with the fabulous Kate, I felt like my energy levels were instantly lifted, my skin was glowing and I just felt completely revitalised. Kate is a magician in my eyes! I will definitely be going back to her.” Christina Reeves, OK! Magazine

“For anti-ageing I would highly recommend Cosmetic Acupuncture with Kate”.  Louise Redknapp

“I left the clinic feeling calmer and more relaxed than I have in months”  Taylor Anderson, Zest Magazine

“Thanks so much. Still feeling energised!” Celia Plender, Channel 4

“I had been at rock bottom. I immediately felt better.  It lasted into the evening when (hooray) I managed to sleep. I felt like myself again for the first time in months. Shelly Vella, Fashion Director Cosmopolitan

“So much more than simply an acupuncture treatment – Kate is capable of performing life-time miracles!”   Vicki Edgson, the UK’s foremost nutritionist and spokesperson for women and health.

“A blissful treatment that left me feeling physically calm, focused and centered in a life that runs at 100 miles an hour. Locating zen-like calm is no longer like finding a needle in a haystack.  You can find it with Kate Winstanley instead.”  Emily Scott, model & DJ

Facial Acupuncture

“Kate’s cosmetic acupuncture facial is fantastic. My face looked instantly lifted and plumped and somehow my lips looked fuller too!” Victoria, 45

“Whilst the needles are in I can actually feel a tightening and tingling sensation.” Natasha, 45

“My jawline is tight again and those sagging jowls have gone. Hooray!” Kelly, 61

“Kate is fantastic at what she does. I can see why she is a lady in demand.” David 56

“After three treatments I already notice that my skin is more radiant, the lines from my nose to mouth are fading and my eyes are ‘popping’ and bright. Even my husband noticed!!!” Susan, 40

“I’ve tried EVERY facial there is and this is the only one that has worked.  I LOVE it.” Marie, 56

“Im really enjoying my Facial Acupuncture, it’s relaxing and as well as improving my skin I’m also sleeping better.” Gillian, 56

“Kate is a magician who has turned back the clock. She is my secret anti-ageing genius!” Melissa, 41

“My skin is SO good, I feel like myself again and I’m getting so many comments on how bright I look.

I think it’s only when you’ve had such awful skin that you truly appreciate how liberating it is to not having to worry about foundation and concealer all the time…you’ve changed my life and I’m so grateful.” Alice, 28

Fertility and Women’s Health

“Kate’s magical treatment got us pregnant and we couldn’t be more grateful. She is just wonderful.” Maria, 38 and Aengus, 40.

“I found my acupuncture sessions with Kate very helpful in the run up to my IVF treatment. Kate is very supportive and understanding, as well as being an excellent acupuncturist. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to others, particularly if they are having fertility issues, as her positivity really helped me through a difficult time”. Melissa, 37

“Our daughter was born last night.  Meet your magic needle creation.  Thank you SO much xx”  Katy, 30

“I came off the pill to try and get pregnant but nothing happened.  My periods didn’t return and I was told I had PCOS.  After a course of treatment my period returned and shortly afterwards I fell pregnant. THANK YOU.”  Amanda, 35 

“We had a beautiful baby boy two weeks ago.  I’m sure he was conceived as a result of your acupuncture and helping me get over my anxiety.”  Victoria, 33

“I saw Kate to help boost my chances of conceiving whilst undergoing IVF.  In between sessions I went to the hospital and scans showed that my womb lining had thickened to 7.8 and my follicle count was up to 19.2.  A massive improvement which both the doctor and I put down to acupuncture.” Rebecca, 34

“After 9 months of 60 day cycles, and just 2 of your sessions, I am on day 3 of a textbook, painless, perfect period after an almost 27 day cycle. Incredible! Thank you so much!” Amy, 25 

“I never believed that such a simple treatment could turn my breech baby but it worked!  I desperately wanted a natural birth and because he turned I was able to avoid a c-section.  Amazing, thank you.”  Laura, 28

“Thanks for saving me from having to be induced. I went into labour naturally after treatment. What a relief!” Alison, 34

Depression / Stress / Anxiety / Insomnia

“Kate’s diagnosis and treatments are always spot on.  I always leave feeling so much more relaxed than when I arrived!  Kate’s sessions are a delight, such a treat and oh! what a joy to welcome you back after your maternity leave – so much missed!” Felicity, 50
“Just to say thank you for all you’ve done for me, you’ve been a Godsend.  You’ve made a fundamental difference to my life which seemed impossible for years and years.”  Katherine, 44

“Thanks for a great treatment today – you are a miracle worker.”  James, 32.

“Your treatments have made such a difference to my life in so many ways. It has been a real luxury to be treated by someone who is so good at what they do and takes such an interest. Thank you.”  Ed, 30

“I visited Kate to help me with anxiety and a developing case of social blushing. Kate really took the time to understand my issues. I started to see a huge difference in my symptoms after only my second treatment. I felt so much more relaxed and in control in situations where I would previously have started to crumble. Having now completed a course of 6 sessions I can’t believe the transformation and would recommend accupuncture for anyone suffering from stress and anxiety. My own GP has been amazed by the results too! Not only do I feel more at ease and confident, I have more energy, am more motivated and am sleeping so much better. Thank you, Kate! Annabel, 29

“My mind feels clearer and I’m not finding life such a struggle. I almost went down the anti-depressants route – I’m so glad I saw Kate first.”  Sophie, 33

“Acupuncture was something I knew little about before starting but I’ve really enjoyed the way it makes me feel and the benefits I have gained from it and would recommend it to anyone. It has helped me look after myself, relax and has brought me back to equilibrium which is something I was struggling to do on my own. Kate is a fantastic acupuncturist, very caring and thoughtful and takes her patients well-being and progress very seriously.” Natalie, 31

“I was waking up at 3am every night.  I was exhausted and asked Kate to help.  After treatment I felt calmer and slept right through the night only waking up to my alarm!  She also taped a small ‘seed’ to my ear which I was able to press myself to enhance the treatment – I really liked this.”  Diana, 62.

 “I recently had a baby and was utterly exhausted. Kate did a lovely treatment leaving me feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend it for any new mother.”  Natalie, 31

“I was treated by Kate for Bell’s Palsy and related stress.  My acupuncture sessions with Kate played an integral role in my on-going recovery as they helped to strengthen my body to get it to a place where it could start to heal.  Kate is knowledgable about the illness itself and in particular about the effects of stress and how to alleviate them. Bell’s Palsy is a hugely distressing and often physically exhausting illness about which little is known and I would strongly recommend regular acupuncture to help with recovery.”  Emma, 34

“My husband had a great response to your sessions and it helped him with his high blood pressure.  He is now able to come off the tablets.”  Seema, 55

Pain Relief

“I tried EVERYTHING for my lower back pain.  Acupuncture is the only thing that has worked.” Lucy, 46

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from acupuncture but it was great.  I’m a convert! My knee is SO much better. Totally painless and very relaxing.”  Mike, 37

 “I was treated by Kate for frozen shoulder.  From the first treatment I felt a difference – instant pain relief and my mood lifted. Kate clearly explained the treatments to me and her empathy and care was exceptional. In future acupuncture with Kate, will be my first medical point of reference.”  Andy, 45.

 “Tennis elbow was having a detrimental effect on my quality of life.  I couldn’t play tennis, golf or do housework (oh dear!).  After just 2 treatments my elbow is much, much better and I’m back to normal.  Thank you!”  Julia, 65.

“I’m a professional sports player and have been having physio on my shoulder for years.  Acupuncture has totally alleviated the pain and improved mobility.  Kate will now be my first port of call and I wish I could have her on the sidelines with her needles!” Rob, 28


“After 3 sessions I was less stressed and sleeping better which really helped my IBS symptoms.” Anna Sargent, Woman’s Own Magazine

“The instant response to the needles left me in no doubt whatsoever about the link between the gut and the acupuncture points.  I went into a deep relaxation.”  Martha Alexander, Daily Mail

“I have suffered with IBS for many years and despite various treatments have found little relief. After just 3 treatments with Kate I have noticed a massive difference not just with IBS which has become infinitely more tollerable, but with the other facets of this condition. I have been less tired, less irratable and more energetic. Thank you.” Jonny, 35

” I have Crohn’s disease.  Nothing else has helped except acupuncture.  I feel supported by Kate’s treatments which have vastly improved my quality of life.” Jo, 50

Weight Loss

“Kate, thank you so much for everything.  I look and feel like a new woman”.  Lesley, 52

“I love the points you use on the ear to reduce appetite.  They really work!”  Sarah, 40