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Kate has helped thousands of patients to get better.  Here's what they say about their treatment:

Press and Celebrity endorsements

“For anti-ageing I would highly recommend Cosmetic Acupuncture with Kate”.   

Louise Redknapp, Singer

“I was at rock bottom. I immediately felt better, managed to sleep and felt like myself for the first time in months.”  Shelly Vella, Fashion Director Cosmopolitan​

“The instant response left me in no doubt whatsoever about the link between gut and the acupuncture points." 

Martha Alexander, Daily Mail

"An experienced acupuncturist, Kate is extremely kind and easy to talk to. You leave feeling calm and relaxed."  

Florrie Thomas, Harper's Bazaar

Fertility and Women’s Health

“Kate’s magical treatment got us pregnant and we couldn’t be more grateful. She is just wonderful.”  Maria and Aengus

“I found my acupuncture sessions with Kate very helpful during IVF treatment. Kate is supportive and understanding. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to others." Melissa, 35

“We had a beautiful baby boy two weeks ago.  I’m sure he was conceived as a result of your acupuncture and helping me get over my anxiety.”  Victoria, 32

Pain Relief

“I’m a professional sports player and have been having physio on my shoulder for years.  Acupuncture has totally alleviated the pain and improved mobility.  Kate will now be my first port of call and I wish I could have her on the sidelines with her needles!” Rob, 28

“I tried EVERYTHING for my lower back pain. Acupuncture is the only thing that has worked.  It felt better from the first treatment.” Lucy, 46

Facial Acupuncture

“Kate’s Facial Acupuncture is fantastic. My face looked instantly lifted and plumped. She is my secret anti-ageing guru.” Victoria, 45

“My jawline is tight again and my sagging jowls have gone. Hooray! Even my husband noticed!”  Kelly, 61

“I get so many complements when I've had my Facial Acupuncture. I’ve tried EVERY facial there is and this is the only one that has works.  I can see why Kate is a lady in demand.”  Marie, 38

“Whilst the needles are in I can actually feel a tightening and tingling sensation. It's so powerful.”  Natasha, 55

Depression  / Anxiety / Insomnia

“Just to say thank you for all you’ve done for me, you’ve been a Godsend.  You’ve made a fundamental difference to my life.”  Ella, 41

“Kate’s diagnosis and treatments are always spot on.  Her sessions are such a treat and what a joy to welcome you back after your maternity leave!”  Felicity, 50

“Acupuncture was something I knew little about before starting but I’ve really enjoyed the benefits I have gained from it and would recommend it to anyone. Kate is fantastic, caring and takes her patients wellbeing very seriously.”  Natalie, 31


“I have suffered with IBS for many years and despite various treatments have found little relief. After just 3 treatments with Kate I have noticed a massive difference. I have also been less tired, less irratable and more energetic. Thank you.”  Jonny, 35

” I have Crohn’s disease. Nothing else has helped except acupuncture. I feel supported by Kate’s treatments which have vastly improved my quality of life.” Jo, 50

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