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Cult Brand The Midult names Kate 'Best Acupuncturist'

Cult Brand The Midult has named Kate as one of the 'very best' acupuncturists. Kate was delighted to be mentioned in a list of Acupuncture royalty for her skills in treating infertility, women's health issues, headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety. She got a special mention for her treatment of gut health issues - IBS, indigestion and bloating. The Midult is a hilarious collaboration of Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan who founded The Midult in 2016. Anna

What is it really like to go on a SILENT retreat?

I've been on yoga retreats, wellness retreats, spa weekends. This time I wanted a bit more, a retreat where I could learn meditation perhaps or do some self-development. Research I researched for weeks and nothing was quite right. Either too far away (Bali!), too fluffy (boring!) or too wacky (UFO retreat anyone?!). Then I stumbled upon a Silent Retreat at Gaia House in Devon. Gaia House is one of the largest residential meditation centres in Europe. About 1,500 people fro

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