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Acupuncture with Kate Winstanley helps elite facialist Abigail James

Dr Mark Porter
Dr Mark Porter

Tatler, Cosmo, beauty editors and a small army of celebs love her.  So how does super facialist Abigail James keep herself looking and feeling so good?  As well as practising what she preaches Abigail loves acupuncture and is currently getting in tip-top condition with a course of acupuncture treatment with me.

"Spring is my favourite time of year and I wish it would hurry up and arrive! Too many cold snaps with dull weather is never good for the soul or the skin.  But it is the perfect time to get stuck into looking after you in preparation for the rest of the year.  Personally I am having a course of acupuncture to get back into balance with Kate Winstanley."

Read Abigail's full article here.

Find out how you can blossom this spring with acupuncture.

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