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I went to the Body Worlds Exhibition today. Here's my review...

I’m always first in line when the Body Worlds exhibition comes to town. I love seeing the human form in all its incredible layers - muscles, nerves, cardiovascular system, skeleton. I’m an anatomy geek! I've been to the exhibition when it was in its infancy on Brick Lane around 10 years ago, then at the O2 and this time in Central London's Piccadilly Cirucs.

As an acupuncturist anatomy is a crucial part of our training so to be able to study the body is always an opportunity I jump at. Acupuncture, as you probably know, is a way of looking at the body holistically, that means as a whole, including the mind and the emotions.

What struck me this time at the Body Worlds Exhibition was that it wasn’t just about the physical form. There was a real emphasis on MENTAL WELLBEING - there was lots of information about effects of stress and screen-time on the physical body.

The exhibition touched on how to create balance in our lives. It looked at emotions, happiness, heart break, neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to change), the gut-brain connection, even the positive effects of laughter and conscious breathing.

I was so thrilled that these important messages were being spoken about. There were opportunities for people to measure their blood pressure, to measure their stress, to learn breathing techniques to calm our central nervous system. Such a big step forward in talking about mental health, especially as the exhibition attracts visits from lots of school children.

If you're in Central London the Body Worlds exhibition is definitely worth a visit. And please let me know what you think?


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