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Lower back pain? Acupuncture works and is available on the NHS.

Acupuncture and back pain

Back pain afflicts around 85% of adults at some point during their lives and accounts for almost 5 million lost working days each year in the UK.  The cost to the NHS alone is £480million.

Research shows that acupuncture WORKS for lower back pain

Research is repeatedly showing that acupuncture is effective in relieving back pain.  The research is so compelling that the NHS is now offering acupuncture to patients with chronic lower back pain - so if you are suffering make sure you ask your GP for a course of acupuncture.  They can offer you a free course of 10 sessions.

There is already a wealth of anecdotal evidence but until recently it has been difficult to qualify the positive results in Western terms.  Increased interest in acupuncture and modern research techniques mean that acupuncture's effects are better researched and better understood.

Acupuncture for back pain is more effective than conventional treatments

Recent findings show that acupuncture stimulates a natural pain killer, adenosine and that it is more successful than conventional treatments from a GP.

Acupuncture can get you back on track

As an acupuncturist lower back pain is probably the most common complaint that I treat.  I have clients who have been in pain for years and live on painkillers.  Treatment involves inserting very fine, painless, needles into acupuncture points on the lower back, and elsewhere on the body.  I may use heat to warm the area too - this helps move the energy and strengthen the area.  The needles will stay in for around 20 minutes whilst the client relaxes and usually there is relief immediately afterwards.

What back pain?!

Quite often I will ask a client after a few treatments how their back has been this week and they will reply "oh yes I'd forgotten about that, actually I've not even noticed it."  There is a moment of disbelief and then amazement when the client realises they are free of their back pain!

Come and have acupuncture for your lower back pain and feel better.


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