PRESS: Read Kate's tips for boosting energy in Psychologies magazine

Kate Winstanley's tips for boosting energy and feeling great for Spring.

22 Ways to Feel Energised

In this month's Psychologies magazine Amerley Ollennu and Catherine Turner have taken tips from top wellbeing, health and fitness gurus.  They have put together their top 22 tips on how to boost your energy and put a spring in your step.

They were interested in tips on a professional and personal level so they are wide ranging from motivational morning exercises to healthy recipes.

See all 22 in the magazine.  Here are my three tips from the feature.  I find them useful for my patients (and myself!).  Try them and let me know what you think...

Health, wellbeing and fitness experts share their tips

Work with your body - eat and drink warm

Something on your mind?

Get some chia seeds in your life!