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The Best Acupuncturists in London

Kate was delighted to be featured in The Culture Trip's list of the Top Acupuncturists in town!  She was recognised particularly for her highly-sought after anti-aging Acupuncture Facials, a favourite of A-list celebrities for that camera ready skin and red carpet glow.  

Kate is one of the best acupuncturists in town

"For Anti-aging: Kate Winstanley

Much like all the therapists in our hit list, Kate Winstanley is an expert in her field, having appeared on ITV and Channel 4 to talk about the benefits of acupuncture on our general well-being. With practices across west and south London and an ever-growing client base, she is perhaps one of the more widely known acupuncturists the city has to offer. As well as offering the fertility, muscle pain and insomnia treatments that most others do, she also specialises in anti-aging treatments, whereby facial acupuncture is applied as a way of increasing blood circulation, stimulating collagen, tightening muscles and increasing cell regeneration."


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