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Acupuncture: Detox for body and mind.

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Acupuncture makes you look and feel better.

How are those New Years resolutions coming along?  Still running every day, drinking green algae, being a nicer person, getting 8 hours sleep, avoiding the booze...?

Well, even if a few of these have fallen by the wayside there is another way to help you get detox, lose weight and keep motivated. Acupuncture.

Do I need to detox?

Blockages occur over time by the toxins that we take in - food additives, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and pollution - but also the toxins that are created in the body from the general stresses, strains and conflicts of everyday life.

This build up of toxins knock us out of kilter and affect the way our body and mind works.

The muscles, skin and bowels are some of the ways the body detoxes so disorders in these areas are clues that it's time to take action.

Bad skin, sore back, colds, chronic tiredness, insomnia, IBS, bloating and low mood are all signs!

Acupuncture to detox and motivate.

Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine that uses the insertion of very fine needles to stimulate specific points in the body.  These points work to clear blockages that build up in the body.

Blockages make us feel tired, sluggish, bloated and depressed.

Once cleared you will feel stronger, lighter and energised.

A healthy body means a healthy mind.

Blockages and toxins in the body can have a detrimental effect on your state of mind, making you feel unmotivated, 'stuck' emotionally and depressed.

Detoxing physically has a clearing and energising effect on on the mind and improves your mood.

Patients report feeling more alive, more motivated, more positive and... far better able to stick to those New Years resolutions!

“So much more than simply an acupuncture treatment – Kate Winstanley is capable of performing life-time miracles!”   Vicki Edgson, the UK’s foremost nutritionist and spokesperson for women and health.


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