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Cupping: The secret remedy for stiff neck and shoulders... and cellulite.

Why not try the Chinese technique of Cupping Therapy?

Not sure what it is? It's a very simple but very effective type of massage that works wonders on muscular aches and pains. And yes even cellulite! 

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Acupuncture makes you look and feel better.

What is Cupping used for? - Stiff/tense neck and shoulders - Breaking down lactic acid in muscles after exercise - Breaking down cellulite

How does it work? A suction technique is used whereby a glass cup is placed on the skin to create a gentle suction effect. The cup is moved slowly around the area. It is rather like a 'reverse' deep-tissue massage - instead of using pressure, you use suction.

Why is it so good? - Cupping has a 'drawing out' effect - drawing tension out of the muscles. - It stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage. - It breaks down painful knots. - It leaves the whole area feeling light and knot-free.

"Cupping has been a revelation.  I instantly felt years of stress and tension melt away."

Feel free to get in touch with any questions. or 07794 621027.


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