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NEWS: Spring 2012 Clinic news, press coverage and offers

Dear Friends

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I would love to say that Spring is here but it doesn't quite feel like it does it? I've been consoling myself with the old saying "April showers bring May flowers" but we'll see!

As you can see it's been a busy few months. Click on the highlighted links for more information.

Clinic News and Press

• Lomax Bespoke Health in Chelsea continues to be "THE place to be" for wellbeing. As well as acupuncture there is Life Coach Ali Campbell, Nutritionist Vicki Edgson and Facialist Abigail James. Pop in at 293 Fulham Road and say hello - I'm there (or the Victoria Branch) most of the week.

• The Food Doctor Clinic at 13 Harley Street is buzzing after our Press Day last week to launch our integrated approach - nutrition, acupuncture and life coaching. I'm there on Tuesdays.

• I'm planning a weekly Back Clinic at two local GP surgeries. This is a real step in the right direction for an integrated approach to health.

• Coming soon - Facial Rejuvenation Treatment - it's what all the stars are having to replace Botox. Contact me for details. It works!

• I've been featured in Zest magazine and there's LOTS more in the pipeline to spread the word about acupuncture so keep an eye out. And did you see the acupuncture feature in Vogue this month highlighting how acupuncture can boost IVF success rates?

Did you know?

• Insomnia? I tape a small seed to an acupuncture point behind your ear. When you can't sleep you just press it gently. Works wonders.

• Tried Cupping Therapy? It is a very relaxing, effective technique to clear neck and shoulder tension. Instead of pushing (as in massage) it gently draws the tension out of the muscles and detoxes the whole lymph system. Give it a try! It's a revelation.

• Think you're afraid of needles? Think again. Acupuncture needles are almost as fine as the hair on your head and I only use the best, smoothest needles.

• Don't forget. Your GP can refer you to me for lower back pain. Just ask.

• Don't forget. Your private health might cover acupuncture. Many do. Aviva seem to be particularly good.

Acupuncture Success stories

• Three patients are pregnant • Breech baby turned so avoided a c-section • Two patients are back to work having being signed off for frozen shoulder and stress • Four patients have come off strong daily painkillers • Three patients are now getting a good night's sleep


• Acupuncture is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Good news considering I reckon 90% of symptoms I see are stress related.

If you have any questions I'm always happy to chat. Or drop me an email. And share this newsletter with friends who may be interested.

Give acupuncture a try!

Best wishes, Kate Kate Winstanley Acupuncture. Clinics in Chelsea, Victoria and Harley Street

W:       E:      T: 07794 621027 Facebook: Kate Winstanley Acupuncture     Twitter: @KW_Acupuncture

"Your treatments have made such a difference to my life in so many ways. Thank you".


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