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PRESS: Kate helps Cosmopolitan's Fashion Director get back on track

Cosmopolitan's Feature's Editor Sophie Goddard explores the wonderful world of Acupuncture and asks Kate how it all works.

Sophie: "So what does it all entail and how can pricking seemingly random points on the body fix anything?"

Kate: "Acupuncture stimulates the body's natural healing process.  Points are stimulated all over the body, but not always where you'd think - headache points, for example, can be on your hands or feet

People come to me with all sorts of ailments - from stress to migraines to bad backs or fertility issues - but the one thing they all have in common is that their issues are physical and emotional.  We treat both simultaneously.

In order to work out what's wrong, we treat the 'whole' person - not just one isolated part of you, like back pain.  We're detectives, trying to find out what causes the symptoms in the first place."

The treatment stimulates the nervous system, causing hormonal and chemical imbalances to fix themselves."

Cosmopolitan's Fashion Director Shelly Vella came to see Kate and experience Acupuncture treatment first-hand.

Shelly admits she was at "rock bottom" when she saw Kate.  She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and had been exhausted for months.  She was struggling to sleep, was feeling hot, irritable and wasn't coping at work. Shelly booked a six-week course.

How did she get on with her first treatment?

Shelly: "I had a feeling of wonderful calm. I immediately felt better and could feel the needles working, even after they'd been removed.  It lasted into the evening when (hooray) I managed to sleep."

How did Shelly get on as the treatments progressed?

Shelly: "I felt balanced for the first time in months. After my third session I felt like me again. I felt better able to focus."

And will she continue treatment?

Shelly: "I now visit Kate once a month to keep it topped up."


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