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Summer 2013 Newsletter. Channel 4 "How Not To Get Old " | IVF | Hayfever

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

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Acupuncture makes you look and feel better.

Dear Friends It seems that Summer is finally upon us!  The sun is shining, the Lions are victorious and we've finally got a British tennis champ.

It has been a busy few months with lots happening.  Here is a quick round up of my clinic news, an exciting new partnership, my answer to the question "What do people most commonly have acupuncture for?" and... an imminent TV appearance!

How Not To Get Old" Channel 4 

A few months ago I was asked by Channel 4 to take part in a programme looking at the anti-ageing industry.  Described as "the ultimate consumer guide to the best treatments to looking youthful".

I was filmed giving Louise Redknapp my Age Defence facial and answering her questions about facial acupuncture.

She tried lots of cutting edge treatments for the series and I'm pleased to say that in subsequent interviews she said:

"My number one would be facial acupuncture.  I've only had it a few times but my skin afterwards felt so nice."

Tune in on Wednesday 4th September at 8pm and let me know what you think.

IVF and Fertility with The Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Acupuncture for fertility and IVF.
Acupuncture for fertility and IVF.

Facial Acupuncture is THE anti-ageing treatment.  But don't just take my word for it...

“For anti-ageing I would highly recommend Cosmetic Acupuncture”. Louise Redknapp, 38

With some facials I find that you don’t often see the results until the day after, but directly after the facial my skin was glowing; I looked fresh and revitalized." Natasha Eddery, The Sloaney Magazine

“Kate's treatments have lifted, firmed and brightened my skin. I can see why she is a lady in demand.”

“Kate is a magician who has turned back the clock. She is my secret anti-ageing genius!”

To find out more about my signature Age Defence Facial and special offers on courses click here.

A bad year for Hayfever

Are you one of the 13 million hayfever sufferers?  I'm seeing lots of patients with sniffly noses, streaming eyes and blocked sinuses.

The World Health Organisation strongly recommends acupuncture for hay fever.  Clinical trials have shown it to be more effective than antihistamine drugs.

Read my article on 'Acupuncture and Hayfever' here.

What can Acupuncture help with?

I am regularly asked this question.  So here's the answer...The top reasons people come to see me are: 1. Stress and anxiety 2. Fertility and gynae issues 3. IBS 4. Pain - sore backs, necks, shoulders, knees...But of course the list is endless because, as an holistic therapy, acupuncture can help with pretty much everything (list here).  I've seen people for chronic blushing to undiagnosed chest pain.

Glowing end of term report

In end of term spirit I am sharing some feedback from patients over the last few months.“My shoulder doesn’t hurt at all anymore! They should have you on standby for Wimbledon injuries."“I had the best night’s sleep for 2 years. I slept like a baby.”"My anxiety and stress levels have reduced dramatically.  I was about to be prescribed beta-blockers.  I'm so glad I discovered acupuncture."

"I have had so many compliments on my skin, I'm loving the facial acupuncture!"

Feel free to get in touch if you wish to enquire about how acupuncture could help you.  I wish you a very happy       07794 621027


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