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Tips for keeping fertile in a fast-paced world.

Fertility. What's the big deal about our Kidneys?

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Acupuncture makes you look and feel better.

If you are a regular patient of mine you will hear me talk a lot about your Kidney energy!

According to Chinese medical texts preserving your Kidney energy is essential for good health.  In Chinese Medicine the Kidneys are known as the ‘Minister of Health’ and have a vital role in vitality, wellbeing and energy.  They are the foundations for fertility, good sleep, strong bones and teeth, healthy hair, urination and hearing.

Strong Kidney energy is essential for fertility in both men and women.

Conditions such as infertility, low sperm count, insomnia, feeling 'wired', night sweats, urinary problems, water retention, osteoporosis, brittle bones, ear infections, headaches, lower back pain, tinnitus, to name but a few, can all be attributed to weak Kidneys.

Fast-paced modern life and 'burning the candle at both ends' are all detrimental to your Kidney energy so as well as your regular acupuncture treatments here are some tips to boost the Kidneys.

This is particularly pertinent during the winter months, which are the Kidney’s season, and therefore the time of year they work overtime, even more reason to give them a boost!  Here’s how…

1. Keeping Warm

Kidneys like to be warm.  Make sure you keep your lower back warm and don't walk around the house with bare feet (the Kidney channel starts on the sole of your feet!).

2. Foods to Nourish Kidney Energy

In the winter add some salty food to your diet as this nourishes the Kidneys e.g. soya sauce and miso.  Salt benefits and grounds the Kidneys, which enables us to store our energy and warms our core.

Warm hearty soups and stews and steamed leafy green veg are the best way to increase your Kidney energy.  Avoid raw, chilled food and drink.  If you eat meat; lamb, beef and chicken are all beneficial, for those who enjoy fish; mussels, anchovy, prawns are helpful for strengthening Kidney energy.

3. Kidney Warming Exercises

The space just below your ribcage on your back is the Kidney area.  Place both hands on this area and  rub your lower back.  Feel warmth building up.  You can also 'hula hoop' your hips in circles to stimulate and strengthen your Kidney energy.

4. A Tech-Free Half Hour

Computers, laptops, mobile phones and television all over-stimulate the Kidneys and cause the stress hormone adrenaline to pump around the body.  This leads us to feel 'wired'.  We can't avoid this during the day but it is worth turning off all electrical devices half an hour before bedtime to allow your body and Kidneys to 'calm down'.  You will find that you sleep a lot better as a result and your Kidneys can replenish themselves.  All this will help boost your fertility.

If you are thinking of starting a family make sure you preserve your Kidney energy.

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