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Zest Magazine's Taylor Anderson enjoys acupuncture with Kate Winstanley

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Acupuncture makes you look and feel better.

Last week Zest's editorial assistant Taylor Anderson came to see me at The Food Doctor Clinic on Harley Street for a Pre-Wedding MOT.  Exciting as getting married is she was finding the whole process quite stressful and was recently told she had high blood pressure.

We chatted for about 20 minutes where I was able to get a picture of Taylor's overall health and how she was feeling.  We didn't have long but I wanted to give her some treatment to help her stress so I opted for some ear acupuncture which is a great, quick, easy to do treatment which instantly calms the mind and balances the body's hormonal and regulatory systems.

Ear Acupuncture works for stress

Taylor was able to relax for about 15 minutes whilst the treatment took effect. Afterwards she said "The acupuncture combined wih Kate’s positive and peaceful demeanour made me feel calmer immediately."

Taylor having ear acupuncture. She felt "calmer immediately".
Taylor having ear acupuncture. She felt "calmer immediately".

Here's what Taylor had to say about her visit and first acupuncture experience:

"Despite being a natural worrier, I’ve tried to adopt a laissez faire attitude – the focus is not the flowers or my hairstyle, but planning a really fun party for our loved ones. So far, so successful until I was knocked back with a high blood pressure reading at my local GP.

My doctor couldn't tell me for sure why it had suddenly risen (I'm active, a healthy weight and eat well) but suspected it was stress-related. I couldn’t help but agree.  So when an invite to visit the Food Doctor Clinic for a health MOT landed in my inbox, I agreed without hesitation.

Already well known for a line of good-for-you-yet-tasty-too snacks, the Food Doctor has expanded their Harley Street nutritional clinic to offer a 360-degree approach to health and wellness. The clinic has long provided nutritional therapy to those looking to lose weight or get pregnant. But now an acupuncturist and psychologist have joined the team to offer an even more inclusive method of improving health. Whatever you woe, be it acne, insomnia or infertility, their team can help you tackle it with their multi-faceted approach. If they can’t help me reduce my stress levels and BP, I don’t know who can.

My session started with acupuncturist Kate Winstanley. I'd never had it but know many friends who have seen an improvement in mood, pain reduction and fertility, so was hopeful my session would be successful too. I explained how I've been feeling (anxious and moody) and she suggested we start with a few points on the ear that stimulate the endocrine system to reduce cortisol and stress.

While the needles worked their magic we chatted about all things acupuncture and I was surprised to hear how many ailments it’s scientifically proven to help, from depression to IBS, and how quickly too. Kate said most of her clients see an improvement after just one session, and don’t need more than a few a year to help chronic issues. The acupuncture combined with Kate’s positive and peaceful demeanour made me feel calmer immediately.

I left the clinic feeling calmer and more relaxed than I have in months. The combination of the acupuncture and the expert mental and dietary advice revealed I’m on the right track when it comes to my health. It seems this blood pressure fiasco is just a blip on an otherwise smooth journey. That’s all the confirmation I needed. I’ve booked in with my GP for a second reading and I suspect everything will be back on track soon. Bring on the wedding planning!

If you’re hoping to lose weight, deal with stress of just make sure everything is in working order (whether you’re a bride to be or not), I would definitely recommend booking in at the Food Doctor Clinic. What’s there to lose?

The Food Doctor Clinic is based at 13 Harley Street, London.

To book a consultation email or call 07794 621027"


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